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If you are reading this please copy it and send this part onto info@acma.gov.au as a vote from you


                               We ask Should RPH radio for the Print Handicap be all over Australia if YES then please email ACMA CEO Nerida Oloughiln at info@acma.gov.au or just forward this Email on to

Australian Communications and Media Authority Found on the Internet. 

As it is the 8 capital cities have RPH radio for the Print Handicap but itís not for those who live in the Country.



Radio for all Australians president Ken Hall was invited to speak at Local Voices: Inquiry 2001 into Regional Radio by the Chair Paul Neville MP of Hinkler of Queensland.

This invite allowed me to walk the floor of the lower House and the Senate, the office of the Senator Richard Alston was out of bounds for me, but I could have a meeting with his minders while they had a cupper at the cafť.

I put to them TV was in many homes across the country and we could take the idea of Radio For All Australians into their homes with the RPH programs.

They said that they could not see anywhere in the future that Radio Stations could be broadcasted on television, as they were two entirely different transmitting devises.

2018 With smart televisions Radio Stations such as; SBS Radio Ė ABC Jazz Ė 200 Doubley Music are broadcasted to all homes and businesses, caravan sites and Nursing Homes they all receive these Radio Station (Format) on their televisions.

Anyone in Australia can listen to them on television why canít RPH Radio For the Print Disabled be broadcasted on television in the above format.

As 99% of the population have a television set in their home it would be a huge starting point to get RPH Programs to everyoneís home.

The only thing wrong with a television it is not portable to carry it around the house, out in the country, down the street or to the beach Itís not like a radio which is portable.

As we have to start somewhere this would be a great help. As the numbers of print disabled people is growing daily.

So come on help us we are talking about those who are Print Disable we  all donít live in the cities and we do need to be kept up with whatís going on in Australia and the World today and you can help with a simple email to Mitch Fifield Minister of Communications and the Arts at Minister@communications.gov.au  


If you are not happy to email the Minister Mitch Fifield then email the board of ACMA  CEO Nerida Oloughiln at info@acma.gov.au




Radio For All Australians

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Dear Sir or Madam this is excellent you are reading this email, its nothing you do this all the time without thinking, by the way did you know? A big population of Australians CANíT READ the WRITTEN WORD or write it. 


You think Reading is easy well to 12million plus Australians well we can tell you its bloody not.


And by the way this number is growing each day a new child (Boy or Girl) will be born that will have trouble all their life reading the written words. (Could be one child or a few)


Then there any age person for some reason losses the power to read & Write we list many of these under (Our Dream For All Australians) on our website.


We are talking about the ones that do not end up Blind.


Spelling words, writing words, some can handle two or three words in a sentence but after that their brain just canít handle it.


We are talking about humans (Young & Old) no matter how much schooling they get their minds (Brain) just canít handle the process of Reading & Writing.


By now you be wondering how can we help these folk, they are all Australians, living in ever crack & cranny of Australia.


The Government of the day many years ago realised that Radio was the way to go as radio stations were ever where over this great country of ours.


Also the government of the day ran a radio station called the ABC with this going into ever crack & cranny it was easy to help these people by reading example the Newspaper of the day plus births & Deaths and Books Magazines you name it as long it could be read out it was.


By the way Radio also educated new Australians on how to Read English & speak it.


With the introduction of Television all over Australia radio programs took a dive, it was firmly believe that television would take over from Radio and bring to those who could not Read the same format.


It took a few years for those in the Federal Government to understand the Blind was missing out as there was no one reading them the Newspaper of the day plus births & Deaths and Books Magazines this was also found missing for many disable (handicap) folk.


So a law was passed that each capital city would have a Radio station for the Blind & Disable (Handicap) but these Radio Stations would be run by volunteers and all expenses to be met by the governments and the said radio station.


1996 The Government of the day said in each state 75% of the population lived in the cities so they could see no reason why the other 25% living in the country would need these types of programs. This was said by the federal government spoke person Sir Richard Alston Minister for communications.

Since then ever Minister for communications. Has pushed this idea, ďwe have 75% of the population living in the cities and that is a great total and we are happy with these figures and we can see no reason to take these station out into the country. (They are RPH radio stations)


We say things have change since the 1996 we will give example by showing the growth of some cities in Queensland (If you are from another state you should be able to show the same)


(1)  Hervey Bay Fraser Coast Queensland 1996  population was 42,391 today 2017

101.077 reported to be one of the fastest growing cities in Queensland.


(2)  City of Ipswich Queensland 1996 population was 26,853 today in 2017 is 200,000 growing very fast its boundary joins with Brisbane a city that has a radio station that can broadcast for the blind and the disable (handicap)  but under the law cannot broadcast over their boundary into the city of Ipswich.


(3)  City of Gold Coast Queensland 1996 population was 311,93 today 2017 is 707,309 growing very fast only 77.8 KM from Brisbane a city that has a radio station that can broadcast for the blind and the disable (handicap)  but under the law cannot broadcast over 77,7 km  into the city of the Gold Coast.


(4)  City of Toowoomba Queensland 1996 population was 83,350 today 2017 is 115,868 the growth of Toowoomba is expected to double by 2030 with the new road up the range and the new airport.


By this these country cities are growing fast and faster, their population is like all cities or towns in Australia growing with all types of folk that is class as Disable (Handicap) the country cities & Towns may not be seen as75% of Australian population but they must be getting closer to these figures.


So why is the Minister for communications? Senator Mitch Fifield turning his back on those people that donít live in the 8 Capital Cities in Australia.


New Radio Stations for all Australians can help in many ways like more employment more work for volunteers, the ABC radio could play a huge piece in this.


And yes bring peace of mind to many Australians that are not thought of by our Federal Government & yes the State Government as well.  



Date 10/05/17

                                The Secretary,  12million plus Australians canít READ but they can hear the written words spoken by any voice.


I have a dream for a large number of these Australians that canít READ the written word. It so simple a radio transmitterís placed outside of the 8 capital cities broadcasting the sounds from RPH radio stations that are placed in ever capital city in Australia. RPH station bring the newspaper to you by voice and much more like all births & Deaths & much more.


To make this dream come true for a 77 year old man that canít read please go to http://radioforallaustralians.com and click on The Hon Mr. Malcolm Turnbull MP Prime Minister Of Australia and write to him for all Australians that canít read no fault of their own. By telling him what it is like to be class as a third class citizen living in Australia.  


Radio For All Australians

Yours Sincerely

Publish Author Ken Hall




The Australians Government said the Radio For Print Disable (Handicap) is the goods as it is run by the Blind Association in each State.


We are sorry to its all for the Blind as it donít overflow for the rest of the community.


All the years the Blind Association has not improve their cover.


We the Disable (Handicap) would like to see a Royal Commission to look in to this.


The Disable (Handicap) should have the same rights as the blind do they need voice that reads the newspaper and other items so do we.  








Radio for all Australians is writing to you to tell you about the unfairness of the Federal   Government to folk like you and may others that lives outside the bounders of the eight capital cities of Australia. The others are Disable Handicap and the age and Children.


In each capital city there is a Radio Station called RPH they broadcast the written words for the Blind like reading of the main news in newspaper, stock share, grain price, stock value, example they read even the births and deaths, in fact they read many other items by voice.


Any person living in these eight cities can listen to it no matter where they are. On a Tractor working sheep or cattle on their 10 acres farms or sitting at home or in the car.


Any one like you on a large Rural Properties or just 10 acres as long as you are outside the city boundaries you miss out on hearing by ear a voice with the written words.


The Federal Government believes this is ok as 75% of Australians live in the cities and they need it before folk like you that means 25% of Australians miss out.


My self-brain damage at the age of eight canít read to save his own life I have lived out in the country like you do, today live in Hervey Bay Queensland like many I canít afford to live in Brisbane one of the eight cities, so the Federal Government said sorry you and others like you miss out.


Well we donít think thatís fair so we are asking you if you get a chance speak to your local member Federal or State and tell them a radio station like the RPH is wanted all over Australia, or the ABC radio can do this type of programs just for a few hours each day thatís not too hard to do is it.


Please 12 Million Australians need this they canít help it if they donít live in the Cities.


Writing for me I used my voice computer with dragon, please see our website to understand what Iím trying to say http://radioforallaustralians.com



                                   Hi, we asked you to take 2 & Half Minutes and listen to the actor Mr. Ken Lee as he has his say on Radio For All Australians. Asking for 2 & Half minute of your time is nothing in this world of today here in Australia we have 12 Million Disable (Handicap) that canít Read and need your help so please just click on this website http://radioforallaustralians.com/track2.wav