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Ken wins the Fraser Coast Queensland Ability Award 25/10/17

Very happy first time he realize he is not an imbecile, Baboon or an illiteracy fool.

                                                                                                                                                                            We Started in 1995 = 2018

It's time for all Australians to have this dream come True

We have been fighting for this for 20 years. Over these years 99% of Minister from the Federal Government lower house and Senators have all agreed that this is a right for all of us.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania.

 Local Regional Council's Across Australian are behind this idea.

So can anyone tell us why this it is still a dream.?

You can help just by asking your friends to help in anyway, if you like you can write to your Federal Member or State Member.

This Idea would make Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs Also Volunteers would be Needed.

Our Dream for all Australians

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Radio for all Australians Poem

We Thank These Folk

Some of our Supporters

Press Release 01/07/19

Locations of RPH Stations

Australian Communictions & Media Authority  CEO Nerida Oloughiln

 The Hon Prime Minister Of Australia The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Contact your Federal Politicians

Queensland State Politicians

Commonwealth Of Australia Radio Findings

Many Councils Across Australia Want This So Please Email the Mayors in Your Area And Asked Them To Have A Say For You.


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Queensland Country Women 's Association

Is behind this as they believe those in the country are just importation & should have the right to turn on that Radio Station the have in all the cites across Australia so please write to them and have your say.

Australian Communications & Media Author  President, Mr Peter Batchelor

Disability Sports Network = Save Our Voices = E.Bility

Autism Queensland =  Autism NSW = Autism Victoria = Autism West Australia = Autism Tasmania = Autism South Australia =

 Autism Northern Territory = Autism Canberra

Richmond RPA Mental Health Hervey Bay =  Queensland Synapse Brain Disorders

QDN Queenslanders With Disability Network  =  Every Australian Counts

Women with Disabilities Australia  =  Speaking Up For You  =  People with Disability Australia

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated  =  Link Magazine Disability Magazine  =  Brain Injury Association of Qld


We like to Thank Russell Dodd (Net-Lynx) for all the years he put up our Website for free 


We Thank You Lenovo For Those Who Do. Call 1300 557 073           Free Guestbook    Thanks To Dragon Naturally Speaking                       Synapse